SaveBreach has audited and performed penetration testing on hundreds of startups and top organizations. They are also proud to have engaged and closely worked with emerging blockchain technology companies to secure their product. We audit and perform offensive pentests on -

  • DApps
  • Web apps that implement cryptocurrencies
  • DEX (or, decentralized exchange)
  • Smart contracts

We provide continuous security which ensures that we continuously monitor web apps and external networks to monitor security vulnerabilities. This is quite essential at a time when attackers have gotten advanced in their approach. Our techniques are not passive, we are always on the offense and ready to track down issues whenever we come across them.


At SaveBreach, we believe price shouldn't be a bar for a project to ensure its security.

We offer an affordable pricing model, and are eager to discuss options such as payment in the form of  a stake in the project (a % of the tokens) or, through cryptocurrency like BTC/ETH/USDT/BUSD/BNB/etc.

Contact us at team [@] to request a quote or, communicate your requirements.