SaveBreach Team works fully remotely. We offer security consultancy to fintech startups, pentest solutions, bug bounty program planning & management.

We can also be reached via Email should you have any queries: team [at] savebreach (.com)

Why choose us?

Your Friendly Security Team

We are available to offer security guidance to your team. In the past, we have mentored startups from early stages here at Save Breach, we are there to stay with you throughout the development cycle, test, re-test and perform patch testing for your security vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security Assistance

As part of this service we lead startups into the right path, and try to clarify their doubts on how to successfully run a cyber security program for their company, the tactics and strategies to quickly move ahead in the tech space, without compromising the data of their users. Very small mistakes can have big impacts on your reliability and trust in the industry – that's why you need a professional who can assist you through this journey.

Asset Mapping

Asset Mapping is a periodic exhaustive enumeration of the external assets your company has. Through the years of research, SaveBreach has found out – one of the major reason behind breaches is an asset, which was ignored by the company. Attackers can enumerate and spot assets to find weak links within your company, as part of this service, we will map out the assets and work with you in finding the assets you are exposing on the internet and how you can secure them. Our advices can go a long way in securing your infrastructure and save a breach from happening.

Cyber Security and InfoSec Content Writing Services

We also offer InfoSec and CyberSecurity content writing for your Cyber Security blog, content is the most effective way to make a mark in this fast paced industry, your content should speak for the services you offer! It's a proven fact that you gain more organic users by writing guides on what your product has to offer, Save Breach has experience in the cyber security niches, and can increase your conversion rates with innovative cyber security content, so that your content would find users for your product!